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Reds True Barbecue - Headingley

Reds Headingley was the third restaurant to be developed in the group. Previously a bank, it was a much smaller restaurant than its predecessors Leeds and Manchester.

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Reds True Barbecue - Manchester

Reds True Barbecue opened their first restaurant in Leeds in September 2012. The Leeds restaurant has been a great success and has a huge loyal following.

After the successful installation at Reds Leeds we were asked to work with them again on their next project, Reds Manchester.

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Reds True Barbecue in Leeds City Centre

Reds True Barbecue opened its doors in September 2012. It has a fast-casual dining experience and serves a unique range of food which has been highly researched in the US and bought over to the UK as the first True Barbecue restaurant.

We were thrilled to be approached by Reds after being referred to them through a business contact and have been proud to be associated with the restaurant and continue to support it.

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IC Blue

IC Blue are a single source partner for the supply of a wide range of industry and obsolete components around the world.

Having recently purchased a listed building for their new office, IC Blue asked us to provide them with all of their security and electrical requirements.

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